Finished Recruitment: Android O Beta Testers

2018-1-23 17:13:34Rom Downloadfrom PCChina

Dear Infinix Note 4 users,

How's your going? Good News! Android O is coming!

We will open Android O Beta version for Note 4 users!

Are you excited? Do you want to have a taste of Android O at first time?

Now we invite Note 4 users to join us !


Note 4 users

Have rich knowledge about Android system and smartphone.

Use Note 4 for a long time and Have proficient knowledge in the device


Have a deep experience on Android O

Give feedback about Android O in Test section in XClub

What You Get?

Priority to experience Android O

More XGold for useful feedback.


Fill the form and then we will contact you



January 23-January 28

We have finished recruiting for Note 4 Android Oreo Beta Testers. Please look forward to the next Beta version Test.

    • Keep up the good work
      Reward floor# 2
    • awesome when is X571 beta opening

      Reward floor# 3
    • We love Infinix and am proud to be an Infinix xfan
      Reward floor# 4
    • what about hot 4 pro x5511
      Reward floor# 5

    • Reward floor# 6
    • Chilling now

      Reward floor# 7
    • Keep it up Infinix

      Reward floor# 8
    • All thanks to Infinix xclub
      Reward floor# 9
    • wonderful opportunity
      Reward floor# 10
    • Thays great
      Reward floor# 11
    • Wow that will be awesome
      Reward floor# 12
    • that's wonderful
      Reward floor# 13
    • but when are you releasing the developer or real version
      Reward floor# 14
    • Wow. Very nice

      Reward floor# 15
    • when Xos 3 update or bera testing
      Reward floor# 16
    • Awesome
      Reward floor# 17
    • Only 5 max We want need update from all please
      Reward floor# 18
    • oh come on! what about infinix hot 4 pro ? you are making it garbage
      Reward floor# 19
    • Good New For Note 4 Users Finally.
      Reward floor# 20
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