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Thank you guys,here is the winner list~


Football isn't a matter of life and death - it's much more important than than that, exclaimed the celebrated Liverpool manager Bill Shankly.  

The fact is that football is the most popular sport on our planet. It bridges divides, brings communities together - and can form bonds which lasts a lifetime.  

A game of football can end in tears of sadness, but it can also end in joy. Those who have lifted the  World Cup  trophy have also described it as 'the greatest moment of their lives' - better even than their wedding day or the birth of a child!   

We want to know - what does football mean to you?   

If you like football,tell me with a picture of yours.

Show your Selfie with football, such as when you are shooting, when you are watching a game, or when you are wearing in favorite team uniforms.

We will give 50Xgold for people who give us good pictures and post the most great Selfie to Xclub banner.  

Are you ready to Show us how much you love football?  

I know you can not wait !

Come on guys~

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